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Byte Size Coaching

Byte Size Coaching is a customized, complete age and developmentally-specific training tool to assist our coaches who have little or no formal certification as a coach. The overall objective of the program is to keep it simple and appropriate and is designed to help time-challenged coaches. The program assists all participants in developing a love for the game by providing sessions that are enjoyed by the coach and developmentally-stimulating to the children.

  • Prepare your players for practice in advance by graphics, text and! 
  • The Flipped Curriculum – a revolutionary way of developing your players and your team.
  • Instant information for the busy coach.
  • One-page print out of an activity or a complete session – for an on-the-field cheat-sheet.
  • A training program for coaches within community soccer organizations (clubs).
  • Activities that are easy-to-organize, are fun and where the game is the teacher.

Positive Coaching Alliance Resource Center

Search thousands of resources to develop better athletes, better people.

FWFC Resources

Coaching Videos

Changing the Game Project: A great video on leadership and team management. It's also a great reminder of stages of team development.

Washington Youth Soccer on YouTube: Utilize the Washington Youth Soccer Coaching Education videos to enhance your practices.

Football Coaching Resource on YouTube: Many conditioning and practice videos are available.

Coaching Manuals

In conjunction with US Soccer age group curriculum, the following manuals, developed by Rob Walker, offer over 100 pages of activities, games and soccer oriented research.

Foundation Manual For the U-9 Through U-12 Player

Intermed_Advanced Coach Manual.pdf

Intermed_ Advanced Supplement.pdf

Practice Lessons

FWFC has collected a database of lesson diagrams for coaches looking for ways to challenge their players.

Lesson Diagrams

Small-Sidded Games

Junior RCL

Our Junior RCL program participates in the Southern Puget Sound area with other Regional Club League (RCL) member clubs at the U-8 and U-9 ages. As part of a "skillls development" structure, our staff employs a Building Out of the Back (BOB) strategy as an overarching development piece.

FWFC RCL Jr Academy Play Out of Back.pdf

Goalkeeping Curriculum

In addition to the work we do with outfield players and teams, the goalkeeping position should also be a part of the developmental program. The manuals above feature a ton of integration activities for the goalkeeper, but the information below highlights some of the specific needs of the #1.

Goalkeeping Curricula.pdf

Club GK Emphasis.pdf

Fitness Program

In our methodolgy, soccer professionals try to incorporate multiple components of soccer into every practice session; the idea of economical training is a part of how coaches "think" when they design a practice plan and also when they plan a training cycle. However, during the mid-to-late teen years isolating fitness is also a major factor in the Advanced stage of traing (U-16 and up). The summer training cycle below is an example of how to create a mesocycle with a focus on aerobic soccer endurance, local muscle endurance, agiltiy and flexibility.

Advanced Stage Fitness Sample.pdf

Employee Adidas Store Access

Coaches that would like access to the Portland Adidas Employee Store need to email Tammy Fossett at [email protected] one week in advance of their trip with the following information:
- First and Last Name
- Position 
- Dates of visit


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