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PacFW Soccer Club Goals

Our club has many goals in pursuit of our mission and values:

High Quality Fields – We will work with the City of Federal Way, King County Parks Department, and the Federal Way School District #210 to keep good fields available for our players. We will participate with our parent organization, Federal Way Soccer Association, to develop fields for our players.

Lowest Possible Cost – The Club will work to keep the costs of player participation at levels that are below the average youth soccer program. To do so, the Club may utilize fund raisers, however will offer player “buy-out” opportunities for those families who prefer not to participate.

Sufficient Financial Reserves – As a club, we will work to maintain a sufficient financial reserve such that we can afford to handle emergency circumstances or opportunities that might arise. At a minimum, the Club will maintain reserves in the amount of 10% of the total budget.

Consistency For All Teams – The Club will try to assemble teams that provide a measure of balance to make the game experience fair.

Scholarships – While the club relies on player fees to pay for its expenses, in the event a player cannot afford the Club fees, the Club will provide up to a 100% scholarship upon receipt of a written request and documentation to support the request for a scholarship.

Trained Coaches – We will on an annual basis provide opportunities for our coaches to learn how to be better coaches for the benefit of our players.

Training Opportunities For Players – Working with the parent and state soccer organizations PacFW will provide opportunities to train our players at levels higher and better than regular team practice.

Annual Jamboree – The Tracy Whitney Jamboree is a memorial event held in remembrance of the daughter of a Board Member who was lost in 1987. We will sponsor and work together to offer this high value jamboree for the teams of FWSA and other interested clubs in the area in honor of Tracy Whitney.

Spring Session – To provide an opportunity for players to enjoy the benefits of playing soccer in the spring, PacFW will annually organize a Spring Soccer Session. This session will be more relaxed and open to teams from other clubs.

Field Ownership – A long term goal of the club should be to wean ourselves from the dependence on County, City, and school district facilities by acquiring a field.

Solid Relationship in Community – The very name of our club is drawn from the community that we reside in. The PacFW will work in partnership independently and through the Federal Way Soccer Association with the city of Federal Way to maintain and improve the city facilities that we impact.

RMA Background Checks – All coaches and leadership members will have current RMA Background Checks from WYS.

Absence of Foul Language – We desire a soccer experience for the kids that is free of foul language and other trash talking.

Solid Relationship at School District – Because we play many of our games on Federal Way School District fields, we will respect the grounds, property and rules of the school district. We will endeavor to work with the school district to keep their facilities in good shape by collecting our litter and repairing damage we do.

Uniforms and Equipment – PacFW will provide basic uniforms for players up to U-12 (price included in registration) and equipment free of charge for all teams. The equipment that will be provided will include balls, scrimmage vests, cones, goals, and goalkeeping gloves when necessary.

Excellent Referees – The Club will work with local referee organizations to recruit and train new youth and adult referees. At all times on the field we will not vocalize our opinions to the referee.

Growth of Club Leadership – To continue the soccer program within the club we will encourage parent and coach participation at the Board level. The aim is to assure all leadership positions are filled with quality individuals that embrace the mission, values and goals of the Federal Way Soccer Association.  Part of our leadership strategy will be the recognition of those individuals who contribute excellence to the club through efforts above and beyond through the annual “. . . Of The Year” awards.  Also, as an incentive for participation, each Board Member will be allowed to waive one player registration fee.

PacFW Soccer Club Values

The values held by any organization define the actions of the group.  For the Club, we collectively value the following:

Sportsmanship – For competition to be enjoyable we expect all players, coaches, and parents will subscribe to the basic tenets of good sportsmanship. To achieve the highest level of sportsmanship we will strive to educate all players and parents of our mission to provide educational and enjoyable play for all players. To achieve this, we will play all mod soccer games without an emphasis on goals scored and all coaches and parents will follow the ethics guidelines published by the Club.

Fairness – We hold that all players shall be treated equally and teams should be equal to create a high quality level of competition. Coaches will work to keep the level of competition equal across all clubs. Coaches will not be motivated by winning, rather they will be motivated by player skills development.

Education – We urge all players, coaches, parents and club leadership to expose themselves to educational opportunities to further the quality of the soccer experience. To assure the players get the best soccer education the Club will not keep score during games and instead focus on the handling of the ball. The best means of developing players at the ages within Mod Soccer is to promote the most ball “touches” possible for players. To that end we will work at all times to “put the ball on the foot.” To provide “state-of-the-art” soccer knowledge for our leadership, the Club will send one elected Board member annually to the national soccer convention.

Spirit – We desire an atmosphere that is open and honest at all club meetings to further the efforts of the club to create the highest quality experience for parent and child alike.

Friendship – The enjoyment of working together for the benefit of our children should create friendships between players and friends that last season to season and beyond.

Quality – We desire high quality equipment and facilities for our children. We desire competent coaching and leadership. We desire the participation of all participants to continue the enhancement of the quality of the game of soccer.

Value – We hope to attract all children of Federal Way to our club. To do so requires that we keep our annual player fees to be kept at as reasonable level.

Stability – We have a financial obligation to our children and their parents to be able to react to club or organizational situations and circumstances that are handled efficiently and without unusual financial burdens.

Teamwork – Working together with mutual respect and consideration in a consistent effort to achieve the goals of the club.

Community – We are part of the Federal Way Community and will respect and represent the city in which we live. Our players, parents and coaches will be fair and respectful when playing in locations outside our immediate area.

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