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Covid-19 Stay At Home Orders Q&A

1) How will the player fees be impacted if we are not on the field in May?

Your non refundable registration payment of $250 is due upon completing registration and secures your place in the club.  Club leadership understands the impact the Covid-19 virus has had on the economy and our membership and has created a virtual training fee for months we are not allowed in person training. Any subsequent months in which we are prohibited to train in person, you will only be charged the $70 fee. The remaining amount due for that month will be adjusted from your monthly payment.


2) What if I want to pay my team fees in whole at the beginning of the season?

If you choose to pay your entire team fees up front, any months which are impacted by COVID-19 and the City/County/State/RCL does not allow practices/games to occur will be refunded to you less the $70 monthly fee.



3) What happens if we are unable to hold live practices in June?

The monthly payment plan amount will be reduced to the $70 fee. If paid in full, you will receive a refund back on your account.




4) My son accepted a roster spot on a FWFC high school boys team. I have been paying the monthly installment payments, what happens if they can’t practice in May?

If we are not practicing live in May, an adjustment will be processed to your account bringing May’s installment down to $70.




5) What about high school boys? Do they get a credit?

No, high school boys will not be receiving a credit. Their season was over in February and does not resume until May, so COVID-19 did not impact their season for March/April. They will be receiving the discounted fee of $70 for May and any other months moving forward where the State/RCL has limited soccer playing due to COVID-19. 




6) Is a new uniform required this year?

Yes, this is a uniform “buy” year. Every two years, players are required to purchase a full uniform kit.

7) Is the virtual training optional?

Just like regular on the field training, you are expected to attend.  The club understands things come up and family life happens, but attendance is needed to ensure players stay on top of their physical and mental soccer health during these times.

Washington Youth Soccer COVID-19 information 

FWFC Expectations / Fees

What are the Club expectations?

We ask that you help us achieve our goal of creating the best environment possible for our FWFC players, our coaches, and our parents. The following Code of Ethics has been developed to clarify and distinguish approved and accepted professional, ethical, and moral behavior from that which is detrimental to the development of soccer within Washington Youth Soccer (WYS).

Player Expectations

FWFC players will be asked to sign and abide by our Player Code of Ethics at all times. Players are expected to attend all practice sessions and games and to be on-time and prepared. Players are expected to follow the rules and policies set forth by the Club, state, and national soccer associations and will practice good sportsmanship.

Player Code of Ethics

Parent Expectations

FWFC parents will be asked to sign and abide by our Parent Pledge at all times. Parents will show respect to all individuals involved with the game (players, parents, and coaches of both teams, referees, and field staff.)

Parent Pledge

What is my financial commitment and what does it cover?

2019/20 FWFC Costs & Fees

Age Birth Year *Monthly Cost **Total Cost
U7-U8 2013-2014 $78 $800
U9-U10 2012-2011 $139 $1500
U11-U12 2010-2009 $206 $2100
U13-U14 2008-2007 $228 $2300
U15-U19 2006-2002 $206 $2100
Select All N/A $300
Recreational All N/A $160

*After initial non refundable payment is made **Uniform kits, team fees and the cost of travel are not included in these costs. 

First payment is required to secure your selection on the team and is due at the Club Information Night. The season Total Cost includes, state and national registration, Accident Insurance, State Cup fee, league fee, referee costs, Club operational expenses, and coaching staff compensation. Participation Grants are available to qualified players. The amounts shown are the fee to play for the full year and take into consideration time off. If not able to pay all at once, we do offer a monthly payment plan, and monthly payment amounts are not an equivalent of a monthly participation fee.  


Uniforms are ordered online through The FWFC Premier Player Kit includes 2 short-sleeve jerseys, 2 pairs of shorts, warm-ups, socks, 3 training shirts, and bag, with an estimated cost of $350 The FWFC Select/Recreational Player Kits includes 2 short-sleeve jerseys and 2 pairs of shorts (cost estimate coming soon.) New players are required to purchase their kit but new uniform designs are cycled every two years. Ordering instructions will be provided at the Welcome/Orientation meetings.

Team Funds

The team coach and treasurer develop a specific budget for the team. Team funds are collected and handled by the team treasurer. These funds include tournaments, equipment/supplies, team activities, and additional travel expenses.  FWFC understands that players may have other commitments beyond soccer. We encourage players to talk to their coach and go over any conflicts as soon as possible. Players are still responsible for team expenses incurred at events that the team participates in and the player does not because of other commitments.

What is the FWFC refund policy?

Premier/Select:  Your initial club fee is non refundable.  Any refund of will be at the discretion of and determined by the FWFC Board as addressed in the Parent Handbook when player accounts are paid in full.
Recreational: A refund of $135 is only available if the player leaves prior to the first game of the season when the player account is paid in full.

Are there scholarship opportunities? 

FWFC offers a limited amount of partial scholarships. All scholarship applicants are required to first register and pay their first month fees; submit a complete application (entering all required fields on the application itself), maintain regular monthly payments throughout the season, and provide grant give-back hours based on scholarship amount provided. Click HERE to fill out the 2020 FWFC Scholarship application, and click HERE for a Spanish version.  For more information, please contact the FWFC Registrar.

**If an RCL player decides to leave an RCL club to join another club, players must be current on all club dues and fees, including team fees. Players not current will not be released until all fees are paid in full.

Uniform Pricing

Recreational Uniform

2020 Uniform information coming soon!

FWFC 2020 Recreational Uniform Kits were estimated to cost $100 for the season is paid separately from club fees when order is placed. Each new season is subject to change. Team Managers will notify parents after teams are formed of available numbers and links to order from Soccer.Com.

Select Uniform

FWFC 2020 Select Uniform Kits were estimated to cost $100 for the season is paid separately from club fees when order is placed. Each new season is subject to change. Team Managers will notify parents after teams are formed of available numbers and links to order from Soccer.Com.

Premier Uniform

FWFC Premier Uniform Kits are estimated to cost $355 for the season and can be purchased online through Soccer.Com.  2019 is the second year of a full buy in year, this estimated amount is if purchasing a new full kit and is paid separately from club fees when order is placed.  Team Managers will notify parents after teams are formed of available numbers and links to order from Soccer.Com.


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