FWFC Premier Soccer

What is FWFC Premier Soccer?

Year-round, Highly Competitive, RCL
Trained under professional, licensed coaches, with experience ranging from club soccer in England to MLS Youth Academies, the player looking to develop and play at the highest competitive level in WA State plays Premier soccer. These players must go through tryouts to identify their talent and ability.

Premier plays in the Regional Club League (RCL) which spans a large playing area throughout WA State. FWFC has been identified as one of the top 18 clubs in the state that can call their program Premier and play in the RCL.

FWFC Coaches typically have both a playing background and are certified to coach by US Soccer. We seek out coaches for our Premier program that can successfully coach youth soccer players who are looking to play at the highest levels of competition and can develop the passion and fun of playing youth soccer at a Premier level.

  • U8/U9/U10 (7 aside) (with maximum of 11 players on a roster)
  • U11/U12 (9 aside) (with maximum of 14 players on a roster)
  • U13 and above (11 aside) (with maximum of 18 players on a roster)

Junior RCL
Junior RCL is a modified RCL program aimed at player development for U8 and U9 boys and girls. Participation is limited regionally to the following members: Federal Way FC, Auburn Slammers, Seattle United, Washington Premier FC, Pac NW, and Harbor FC.

  • U8 (4 aside) (with maximum of 8 players on a roster)
  • U9 (7 aside) (with maximum of 11 players on a roster)

Typical FWFC Premier Season
Players train 2-3 nights a week and often have additional, supplemental training available once a week.

The Premier season runs year-round, outlined as follows:

  • Registration for tryouts opens in April. (See Age Group Chart.)
  • Coaches identify team players within the week of tryouts.
  • Players register for teams and practices begin thereafter.
  • The season runs a full year.
    • Teams play 3-4 weekend tournaments throughout the summer.
    • Fall season games begin after Labor Day and run through December.
    • Winter season games begin early January and run through mid-March.

The Junior RCL season runs year-round, outlined as follows:

  • Enrollment is open throughout the year, pending coaching evaluation. (See Age Group Chart.)
  • The season runs a full year, May through April.
    • 10 fall season games.
    • 8 spring games.

How do I Join FWFC Premier?
Joining FWFC Premier is by invitation only, either through the tryout process or directly from a Premier Coach. Check to see if tryouts are happening now!

If you are new to the area and would like to request a trial period with one of our FWFC Premier teams, please contact our Director of Coaching, Fawzi Belal.

Premier Uniforms

FWFC 2018 Premier Uniform Kits were estimated to cost $355 for the season. Each new season is subject to change. Team Mangers will notify parents about quantities and costs after teams are formed.