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Come to our Annual General Meeting.
Wednesday March 29, 2017 at 7 P.M.
EX3 Ron Sandwith Teen Center, 31453 28th Ave S, Federal Way

This meeting is our year end meeting that wraps up the year for Board of Directors. It is also the time when we elect positions to our Board of Directors. The Board terms are split between even and odd calendar years. Read more about the FWFC By-Laws.

This year the following positions will be on the ballot for election. 

  • President
    (1) Preside over all regular monthly meetings. (2) Supervise all activities of the Club and Board. (3) Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees. (4) Present to the Board for approval, all nominations for vacancies on the Board as necessary during his/her term of office. (5) Prepare an agenda before all meetings. (6) Present, for approval by the Board, candidate’s names for Appointed Positions. (7) Vote only in the event of a tie. (8) Coordinate cooperation between the Presidents of FWSA, FWMSC and FWSRSA.
  • Director of Competition
    (1) Assist the Director of Coaching as necessary. (2) Administer the activities of the Coordinators at the Competitive, Non-Select, and Recreational level. (3) Be point of contact for all Non-Select and Recreational level coaches regarding District rules and regulations. (4) Coordinate league activities for Recreational and Non-Select leagues with FWSA. (5) Receive and review coach applications for Recreational, Non-Select, Select, and Regional level teams, and coordinate with DOC. (6) Work with DOC to communicate, organize, and help provide 'customer service' during and following the tryout process. (7) Chair the Tryout Committee and the Coach Selection Committees.
  • Secretary
    (1) Record, prepare, and present meeting minutes for approval. (2) Record role of the Board and confirm voting quorum, including the naming of any proxy voters. (3) Help prepare meeting agendas when necessary. (4) Prepare and update calendar of Club-wide events for publication and distribution. (5) Communicate meetings and other calendar items to the members. (6) Chair the annual “Of the Year” Awards for submission in accordance with FWSA timeline.
  • Boy’s Registrar
    (1) Coordinate annual player registration and other related tasks with the FWSA Registrar. (2) Verify age of all new players registered in the Club by having or viewing a copy of the player’s birth certificate or other accepted date of birth verification document. (3) Maintain up-to-date rosters for all boys Recreational and Select teams. (4) Coordinate all transfers with the FWSA Registrar. (5) Verify risk management status for all boys Recreational and Select team staff. (6) Submit boys Recreational and Select rosters electronically to each team coach for verification of data accuracy.
  • Competitive Boys Coordinator
    (1) Assist the Director of Coaching and Director of Competition with competitive boys teams as necessary. (2) Notify competitive teams of meetings and activities. (3) Be a member of the Tryout Committee. (4) Help fill team vacancies, make public notice of such need, and place players on the highest-level team consistent with their abilities and desire. (5) Review the placement of teams in the correct brackets for League and State Tournaments. (6) Coordinate Player Accounts with Treasurer. (7) Act as a resource for the managers and treasurers of boys teams.
  • Girl’s Coordinator
    (1) Assist the 2nd VP of Recreation as requested. (2) Notify Non-Select Girls teams of meetings and activities. (3) Help fill all team vacancies placing players on the highest-level team consistent with their abilities and desire. (4) Submit proposed girls Recreational and Select teams and divisions of play to the VP of Competition.

If you or someone you know is interested please send the nomination to our secretary Penny Howard at secretary@federalwayfc.com