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For all levels of play. There are very specific processes that the state follows. The disciplinary committee reviews information written on the cards by the referees. By staying inforrmed, we can make sure to clearly represent FWFC in these situations. Please log all yellow and red cards within 24 hours after each game.

Disciplinary Log Form

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All the documentation you need to understand the rules of play in the RCL.

RCL Game Scheduling/Match Day Best Practices (PDF) updated 9/2017

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A resource for parents, coaches and referees supporting the growth and improvement of grassroots soccer. -- August 2016

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Federal Way Blast Off Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Requirements:

Team Managers & Coaches will sign teams up for team volunteer hours. Please do not sign up individually.

All Federal Way FC teams volunteer to work at the FWFC Blast Off Tournament as the club's major fundraiser. Each FWFC team is required to participate as volunteers for this tournament, whether the team plays in the tournament or not. A team may pay the club $1,000 instead of providing volunteers. Any team not fulfilling the required hours will be billed at a prorated rate for unsupported hours.

Premier Teams (30-hour Club commitment) Please sign up for a 28-30 hour slot.
Recreational/Select Teams (20-hour Club commitment) Please sign up for an 18-20 hour slot.

Managers are responsible for coordinating the designated number of volunteers for the team's time slot. Time slots should be broken down into smaller shifts--no shorter than 2-3 hours each--at the manager's discretion, as long as the number of volunteers are there.

Managers will need to provide the volunteer coordinator with the team's schedule, volunteer names, & cell phone numbers four days prior to the tournament.

If a volunteer time slot is less than the required hours, the volunteer coordinator may assign remaining hours. Please try to be flexible, as we try to finalize the tournament schedule. We want to provide as much advance notice as possible to help families plan their volunteer time, but final game timesmay not be realized until late.

We thank all volunteers for their time and efforts to make the Blast Off Tournament a success. All are greatly appreciated!

Volunteer Positions:

Field Set-Up/Take Down: Set up and prepare the locations and fields for the tournament. Includes setting up tents, goals, corner flags, signs, and tables, as well as picking up debris on fields and parking lots.

Field Marshal: The first and last shifts of the evening will need to report to Celebration Park to pick up/return field materials (tent, signs, corner flags, balls, first aid). Please assign volunteers who are able to transport. Field Marshals make sure the fields are in good playing condition, the teams and referees are present for an on-time start, and direct spectators to appropriate viewing areas. During the games, they are the primary communications link to tournament headquarters for maintenance and emergencies, using their personal cell phone. Scorecards will need to be collected from the referees and reported immediately after every game. Field Marshals need to check-in at the assigned field 10 min. prior to their scheduled volunteer time to receive instructions.

Parking Lot Attendants: Directing traffic, helping people find convenient parking spaces, and sporting a florescent orange vest are some of the benefits enjoyed by parking volunteers. Knowledge of field locations, restrooms, and local information are helpful. We need to be a presence in the parking lots to deter theft.

Food Court & Parking Attendants: Take care of the food court & tournament headquarters. Help the food trucks and tents provide great customer services to all our participants and attendees. Cleaning tables, monitoring trash, directing parking, and helping with various headquarters duties. Knowledge of field locations, restrooms, and local information is helpful.

Tournament Take Down: 10 volunteers able to breakdown field equipment and transport (3-4 vans/trucks) to Sacajawea. Clean debris from fields and parking lots. May also have to transport equipment from other tournament fields.

Celebration Park Field Marshal & Consessions Instructions 2018

Karl Grosch Field Marshal & Parking Instructions 2018

Sacajawea & Saghalie HighSchool Field Marshal & Parking Instructions 2018