Important Contacts

Schedule Practices:
Aliscia Morrow

Order Equipment:
Perry Swenhaugen

Uniform Pickup

Check here for uniform
pick-up times and locations.

FWMSC Coaches

Coach Expectations

FWMSC coaches will sign and abide by our Coach Code of Ethics at all times. Coaches will provide a safe and positive learning environment for all Players. Coaches will maintain a professional appearance and arrive in a timely fashion for all games and practice sessions. Coaches will understand that they are role models for players and, therefore, will display appropriate behavior and use appropriate language around players and families at all times. Coach Code of Ethics

Coaching Responsibilities

Attend a preseason coaches meeting. Collect information, uniforms, and equipment.
(This is usually 1-2 hours of your time to be run by FWMSC BOD.)

Contact your team. Hand out uniforms and schedule.

Conduct one or two practices a week:

Tech Training Night - Each season, a night will be selected for you and your team
(roughly 1 hour long.) The FWFC Director of Coaching will provide the session plan.

(Optional) Team Practice - Coaches can opt to have an additional practice for his/her
team each week to work on skills. Check out our Coaching Resources for help on the field.

Coach on game day. Arrive 20-30 min before game time. During the game, rotate/substitute players consistently.

Maintain communication with the Club and Parents throughout the season. Notify all participants about game/practice cancelations and any equipment/field/participant troubles.

FWMSC staff/volunteers must Register in Affinity for a background check before actively participating

FWMSC Volunteers

Volunteer Expectations

FWMSC volunteers will be asked to sign and abide by our Parent Pledge at all times. Parents will show respect to all individuals involved with the game (players and parents of both teams, coaches, referees, and field staff.) Parent Pledge

Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteers are a critical part of what makes FWMSC successful. There are several opportunities to volunteer throughout the spring and fall seasons. Volunteer roles are outlined below. If you are interested in helping the club in any of these (or any other) volunteer roles and want more information, please attend one of our monthly Board of Directors (BOD) meetings and/or contact our BOD.

coach a team
assistant coach a team
team manager
registration night events
equipment assistant
field setup and take down
age group coordinator
board position
volunteer coordinator

FWMSC staff/volunteers must Register in Affinity for a background check before actively participating

Staff/Volunteer Requirement

Register in Affinity for a background check before actively participating.