Federal Tax ID# (TIN)

MOD Sponsors may need to have our tax status as a non profit organization or may need the FID# and permission to open a team checking account at a bank of your choice. Contact the MOD Treasurer for the form, letter, and FID#.

FWMSC Coaching Resources

Byte Size Coaching
Byte Size Coaching is customized—complete age and developmentally-specific training tool  to assist our coaches who have little or no formal certification as a coach. The overall objective of the program is to keep it simple and appropriate and is designed to help time-challenged coaches. The program assists all participants in developing a love for the game by providing sessions that are enjoyed by the coach and developmentally-stimulating to the children.

  • Prepare your players for practice in advance by graphics, text and especially...video! 
  • The Flipped Curriculum – a revolutionary way of developing your players and your team.
  • Instant information for the busy coach.
  • One-page print out of an activity or a complete session – for an on-the-field cheat-sheet.
  • A training program for coaches within community soccer organizations (clubs).
  • Activities that are easy-to-organize, are fun and where the game is the teacher.
Manager's Corner

Rules of Competition

Rules of Competition Chart - updated 2018

Required Player Forms

Medical Release Form (PDF) updated 2/2018
Parent/Athlete (Concussion) Consent Form (PDF)

Code of Ethics
These code of ethics has been developed to clarify and distinguish approved and accepted professional, ethical and moral behavior from that which is detrimental to the development of soccer within the Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WSYSA).

FWSA Coach Code of Ethics
FWSA Player Code of Ethics
FWSA Parent Pledge
Parents Are An Important Part of the Team, Too (Eng/Spanish)

Safety Supplemental Reading

Concussion Facts for Parents, Eng (PDF)
Parent/Athlete Concussion Facts, Eng/Spanish (PDF)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Info